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I’ve transferred my site to a new domain http://firsttimetravels.com. I’ll be posting my new articles there from now on (April 2, 2011). Thanks for visiting my site. -Claire


Enter into my world.

I love to travel. Part of that passion is to take snap shots of places I visit, including the things that catch my eye. I also like to preserve these memories through the articles and essays I write.

I’m also a postcrosser. I joined this online community swapping postcards with others around the globe. Ever since, I have collected postcards from my travels. Even my friends bring me postcards from their travels…so my collection is growing by the minute.

I’m a Filipina living in the Philippines and traveling within my country and outside of it. I also lived in Indonesia for less than a year.I might say that the traveling bug bit me while I was still a kid, as I was always spending school breaks going for a vacation with relatives. But the itch became more insistent when I worked for an international non-profit and had the opportunity to go to various countries.

I have covered a small percentage in my travels. The good thing about that is that I have more opportunities to do a lot of first-time travels, may they be in a new continent, country, province, city, town, village, hotel, restaurant, landmark, museum, or mode of transportation. It’s a way for me to connect to the whole world and enjoy new learnings and discoveries. Along with seeing various culture, I also enjoy taking pictures, and writing about my adventures.

This travel blog was created to help first-time travelers as they embark on something different. It is an assurance for every tourist and traveler that even the most seasoned one has started out as a neophyte. The articles here are my experiences and observations when I set foot on a place for the first time.

You may e-mail me at firsttimetravel@hotmail.com or direct message me at http://twitter.com/firsttimetravel. You can also visit my Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/firsttimetravel.

Some of my write-ups that saw print:

Smile Magazine Aug/Sept. 07

Bayang Magiliw Magazine Aug-Sept. 2009

Roam Magazine Issue 3, 2010


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    • Thanks Lauren! I like your blog as well. 🙂

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  7. i remember first setting off! wish i had the foresight to check out the travelin comminity online :S 3 1/2 years and still on the road, i feel as if it’s good to give something back, after all we wouldnt have made it so far for so long without some help along the way 🙂

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    • Sure! I like your blog. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

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  10. i remember first setting off! wish i had the foresight to check out the travelin comminity online :S 3 1/2 years and still on the road, i feel as if it’s good to give something back, after all we wouldnt have made it so far for so long without some help along the way

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    • I checked your blog. It’s cool! I’ll add this in my travel links page. 🙂

  12. Claire,
    Your site is great! It’s nice to have some blogsherpa representation from the Philippines.
    Jason (AlpacaSuitcase)

    • Thanks Jason! I’m happy to represent the Philippines in our blogsherpa group. It’s good to have bloggers from different parts of the world come together through their passion on traveling and travel writing. 🙂

  13. Claire,

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    • I have added your link to my Travel Links page already. You are under the Travel Resources category. 🙂 Thanks Dave!

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  15. Hi, stopping by from SITS (and I am a postcrosser as well). I have collected postcards since I was 13 – ummm, 44 years now! Your blog is very nice and I too would love to travel…but since you are and I can read about it, maybe it will wait for me!

  16. Really awesome blog. Congrats on your SITS Day!

  17. Hey Claire,

    Thanks so much for writing about Kiss the Sunset Pig! I didn’t know Americans knew about my second book very much. (I’m Canadian and I’ve noticed that Americans are way more familiar with my first book, Kite Strings of the Southern Cross, for some reason.) I read your review on Lonely Planet. I love your blog!

    Laurie Gough

    • Hi Laurie,

      Great of you to find my blog. 🙂 Welcome to my site and hope you drop by here once in awhile.


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  25. I really admire what you’ve done and continue to do! Great work and I look forward to the site progressing with the new domain. Keep up the good ‘work’ 🙂

  26. Hi kababayan! So glad to have come across your site! And just after returning from a visit to the Philippines, too! Looking forward to following you. And thanks for the link on postcrossing! I love postcards as well, and will have to look into that!

  27. Great to see that you have your own domain name now — looking forward to reading more of your adventures at the new location!

  28. Great Blog love it. I wish you all the luck with your new site….. Am going to try to come to the philippines in Jan, so will look your travel site up.

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